Positive Intelligence

This photo was taken a few weeks ago on my 48th birthday. Truthfully anticipating a ‘lockdown’ birthday had bummed me out the week prior but the day ended up being lovely. It included a walk in Toronto’s east end, an impromptu distanced celebration with great pals in my garage and culminated with cake (!) and watching Hamilton with my family. 

Part of what helped change my attitude was my recent completion of a six week course called Positive Intelligence. The goals of the course were to teach individuals how to quell their sabateurs (the parts of ourselves that get in our way) and how to boost the sage (the part of our brain that can see things in a positive light). 

Anyone can take the free Saboteur assessment – which tells you which of the 10 sabateurs you have in your personality. It’s been really useful in my life, and with coaching clients, to learn what behaviours we exhibit that may have negative consequences in our life. 

It hasn’t been easy but this course has taught me ways to actively turn potential negative events around and to see them in a positive light. 

Please message me if you are interested in learning more about this method or exploring the concept of sage/sabateur in a coaching session.

[originally published January 2021]

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