1. What does a life coach do?
A  life coach works together with clients to come up with a plan to achieve goals or overcome obstacles.  They can help clients build self-awareness and learn how to leverage their strengths for more happiness and productivity.

2. Who needs life coaching?
Those who need support and accountability to overcome the challenges that prevent them from achieving their goals.  People can benefit from talking things through with a neutral third party.  It is also helpful for people focused on growth and progress.

3. How is a coach different from a mentor or consultant?
A coach doesn’t dispense “advice” but instead works with you to achieve your goals with specific exercises, tools and exploration.

A mentor is a more seasoned professional in a chosen field that can share wisdom gained from past experience.  A consultant is a paid professional who can help steer the client’s business to be more efficient, successful and more aligned to the client’s vision.

4. Who is a good client for Dr. Cynthia Chan?
Someone who wants to:

  • learn tools for self-reflection and managing emotions
  • improve their self-care plan
  • create a plan to improve work-life balance
  • incite change in their life with support
  • gain perspective on a problem or area in their life that is causing unhappiness

5. How will Dr. Chan’s experience help me?

  • I have over 20 years experience running chiropractic health clinics – my current clinic’s team includes four administrative staff and 10 health practitioners that either work as clinic associates or as independent contractors at King West Chiropractic.
  • I have produced two theatre productions and am currently the Administrative Director at The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space , an acting studio that my husband and I started in 2014.
  • I was a partner in a yoga studio in downtown Toronto for two years. The studio was not successful and the experience taught me a lot about “failing forward” and risk-taking in business.
  • I’ve had the same business partner, Dr. Kristine Lyons, since 1998 and have been in business with my husband John since 2014.
  • I completed Level 2 training for Group Facilitation with the Centre for Applied Neuroscience in early 2019.
  • My son plays competitive baseball in addition to other extra-curricular activities. I’ve learned how to manage expectations as a parent while trying to stay true to myself and my needs. As a busy parent, it is essential to develop a strong  self-care plan, to maintain your sanity and nourish your soul.

6. How does coaching work for Partnerships/Couples or Teams?

There are many tools I can use to help partnerships/couples + teams with their communication, and to help each person gain perspective for the other person’s outlook. Understanding that the relationship between the partnership or group is one system is crucial to working on the inter-personal relationships.

One of the first tools I use is called Designing The Alliance. Click on video for more info:

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