Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

When I was a kid Chinese New Year was exciting because it meant receiving lucky money. Now that I’m older and wiser CNY has a more special meaning to me. 

As many of you know I like to follow the energetic patterns of the lunar cycle, hence the name of this newsletter. New moon means new energy, great time to start projects and relationships. Full moon can intensify events and have a frenetic energy, and a dying/waning moon is a good time to bring a natural end to things.

To me CNY and this new moon symbolizes a renewed energy and hope for a lucky, healthy and prosperous year. I would usually celebrate with large meals with family and friends but this year we will make the best of eating socially distanced noodles for a long and healthy life. And remember to avoid washing (the luck out of) your hair today!

[originally published February 2021]

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