Individual Coaching Testimonials

Amrit Singh (acupunturist)

“Cynthia has helped me so much in my business and on daily issues I have experienced in my life. She is very solution based and is quick to find another solution if the initial isn’t suitable. I find her very resourceful on so many levels!”

Dr. Elisa Santiago (naturopath)

“I enjoyed Cynthia’s ability to focus on a topic and to be able to identify different topics that arise and categorize them. I appreciate the questions and the reflections. There is an enlightenment to seeing the same challenges differently when asked in question form or as a challenge.”

Shaun McComb (actor, teacher)

“Practicing Cynthia Chan’s Energy Mapping Method immediately made me consciously value my time in a way that I could not wrap my head around previously. As opposed to running myself ragged and coping with all the emotions that came along with that, such as guilt for not being super human, I all of a sudden could realistically and respectfully schedule ‘nap’ with complete justification. Visualization is huge and by thinking of my energy as a currency that can be charted and graphed and thus spent wisely has made for a better day-to-day.”

Ashley LeTourneau (self-employed)

“Coach Cynthia has helped me create a healthier work-life balance. As a busy working mom my patience and energy was running very low. Her modules helped me visualize my schedule from deep work or shallow work and a year plan energy map to lay out all that is coming up in the different areas in my life. By doing the work I was able to dig deep and really grasp where my stressors were coming from and develop strategies for better boundaries moving forward. Thanks to Cynthia Chan I am becoming the best version of myself and for my family in this phase in my life.”

sarah albo (coach + Mediator)

“I love Cynthia’s ability to move seamlessly between business and personal coaching depending on what’s going on for me and I always leave with actionable steps or tools.”

Dr. Marc Jakobs (chiropractor)

“I think the life coaching with Cynthia was most valuable to discover a new way of thinking that I haven’t thought of and coming up with a game plan to move forward with some accountability.”

dr tiffany lai (chiropractor)

“As a new graduate, I have had the privilege of Dr. Chan’s mentorship for a over a year. Her clinical knowledge, business savvy skills, years of experience in both associateship and ownership sets her apart from other mentors I have had in the past. Especially as a new grad, I found difficulty in carving a path in my new career — I was your #1 ambitious scatter brain! However, with Dr. Chan’s sessions, she was able to help me organize my thoughts, focus on my priorities and take me to my goals step by step. Even with hiccups along the way, she was always there to answer my questions, settle my anxious mind, and find attainable solutions to every problem. She is not only the best mentor, but she has become a very close friend!”

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