Couples/Partnership Coaching Testimonials

Alyce Sparling (gym owner, f45 franchise)

“The coaching we never knew we needed!

My fiancee and I started coaching with Cynthia almost 6 months ago and it has been one of the best experiences for both our business and personal relationship. As a couple who own and operate a business alongside each other all day, it can sometimes be hard to take a step back to discuss and evaluate both relationships. Cynthia has been exceptional in not only guiding topics for each of our coaching sessions, but also creating a safe space to share our thoughts, goals, stresses, and fears whilst asking those deep dive questions in response. We highly recommend Cynthia to those looking to find more clarity and direction in any / all aspects of life.”

jefferies brothers (filmmakers)

Working with Cynthia helped us understand our working dynamic and how to optimize it. She introduced strategies and tools we can use for working together to get us closer to our goals more efficiently and cooperatively.

Each session was comfortable and informative, and Cynthia’s attention to detail ensures you are getting the proper coaching for your situation.

Peter ignazi + Denise Rossetto (married)

“Cynthia was instrumental in helping us clarify, prioritize and design a plan to create a pathway for our future goals. Her tools are enlightening yet also practical Her approach is calming, insightful and fun. “


“I appreciate the approach, looking at our marriage as a system with roles gives me space to consider it without my defenses getting stirred up. Looking at our day to day tasks at home the way I would in a business setting makes everything much clearer to me. Being able to see a relationship I’ve been in for almost 30 years in a new way is valuable. I am grateful for this workshop. “

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