Groups/Teams Testimonials

Laura stein (partner + creative partner at bruce mau design)

“I appreciated the way Cynthia connected the way we deal with stress to both mind and body. She created an open and easy atmosphere for discussion and provided helpful and pragmatic recommendations for each of the participants.”

  • Avoiding Burnout Workshop


“The Fundraising Leadership team loved working with Cynthia as our team coach.

We engaged with Cynthia as we were undertaking our annual planning. She helped us explore what makes us unique, dream big, and set meaningful goals.

Cynthia set out a path for our coaching and also was flexible when something new emerged. We went in expecting to set goals and we got so much more.

We explored our team values, created conflict protocols, and had some really meaningful and challenging conversations.

We feel connected and excited about our work in the years to come.

We would highly recommend Cynthia as a team coach.”

katie redekopp – volunteer services manager – shelter movers (nova scotia chapter)

“Cynthia helped me better understand the dynamics of our group. The biggest takeaway from the sessions with Cynthia was that I got to know myself and my role, what I’m bringing to this group and other relationships in my life. As well as learning more about my colleagues and their needs within the group.”

Marc Hull-Jacquin, CEO of Shelter Movers

“Cynthia is a proven group leader whose knowledge of team psychology allowed her to tap into the unique qualities of our senior leadership to help us optimize how we communicate and support each other toward our shared goals.

She kept us on track and wove her lessons naturally into our meandering discussions. Can’t wait to engage her with our other groups across Canada.”

Jason Mckenzie, coach

“I really enjoyed the Energy Mapping workshop. Cynthia is a thoughtful and knowledgeable coach, and I appreciate that she spent time exploring each of the group members unique life circumstances and challenges.”

  • Energy Mapping Workshop

erika nonato, actor

“Cynthia was amazing – she answered questions I didn’t know I had and opened up a new possibility for me for managing finances and had me thinking about my values in accordance with my money. Anything financial related scared me but she gave us all some tools that made managing finances more digestible.”

  • Finances Workshop for Creative Professionals

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