Art of Compromise

Compromise does not come easy to me, which is why I thought it would be a good challenge to write about it this month. With recent world events we’ve all been asked to compromise for the greater good and I know for me, it’s easier on some days and harder on others.

Since I’m generally not a ‘gray zone’ type of person, the ever-changing landscape of pandemic survival has challenged me. Just when I think I’ve figured out how do to ride out the pandemic, new timelines and restrictions and realities come head on. I’m realizing more and more that surrendering to the unknown nature of how this pandemic is playing out will be my only saving grace. 

Regarding compromise when it comes to my interpersonal relationships, it is helpful for me to remember something my husband taught me: 

Do you want to be right? Or would you rather be happy? 

For me, this mantra neatly sums up how “winning” an argument may cause more suffering in the end. 

[originally published July 2020]

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