Avoiding Burnout: A Course to Improve Work/Life Balance

I’m passionate about helping people avoid burnout…

This 3 month intensive course is designed to teach you how to recognize signs of burnout + to give you actionable tools to gain balance in your personal and professional life.

Details (non-group format):

  • Course can be completed in 7-12 weeks, depending on your needs + schedule.
  • Includes 7 hours of one-on-one coaching + 6 work modules.
  • Each module includes a 5-10 minute instruction video, a comprehensive worksheet, and a coaching session to debrief.
  • Recommended time commitment per module: 2.5 – 3 hours including 1:1 coaching session.

Details (group format):

  • 6 week course includes 6 hours of online group coaching + 6 work modules (videos/worksheets).
  • Maximum of 10 people per group.

Stress Response

Learn about your body’s natural stress response system + what signs/symptoms arise when you are approaching burnout.


Learn strategies on how to create effective boundaries for your personal + professional life, thereby preserving your emotional + physical energy.

Personality Traits + Energetic Needs

Learn how to manage your energy depending on if you are more Outgoing or Reserved, or if you are more Task vs. People oriented.

RRSV: Rest, Recovery, Self-Care + Vacation

Learn how to use these 4 categories to preserve life balance. We will also explore key variables that affect everyone’s approach to RRSV in a different manner.

Schedule Optimization

Learn how to streamline your schedule to optimize brain function and to optimize energy output.

Energy Mapping: A Decision Making Tool

Learn a visual mapping tool, designed by Cynthia, to help you take an energetic inventory of all your responsibilities, thereby helping you make decisions that may require significant time + energy commitments.

Investment + Fee Structure for Solo Study (non-group format):

  1. One payment = $1800 (inc. tax)
  2. Two payments = $950 due at registration, $950 due at the 3rd module.

How do I register for the Avoiding Burnout Course for Individuals? Click here

Practicing Cynthia Chan’s Energy Mapping Method immediately made me consciously value my time in a way that I could not wrap my head around previously. As opposed to running myself ragged and coping with all the emotions that came along with that, such as guilt for not being super human, I all of a sudden could realistically and respectfully schedule ‘nap’ with complete justification. Visualization is huge and by thinking of my energy as a currency that can be charted and graphed and thus spent wisely has made for a better day-to-day.

Shaun McComb

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