Special Courses

These Coaching Courses are Module based + can be completed as an intensive (weekly interval) or at a slower pace, depending on your goals + schedule.

Avoiding Burnout: A Course to help Work/Life Balance

Strengthen Personal + Professional Relationships

Essential Knowledge for Self-Employed People

Getting Organized

Coach Cynthia has helped me create a healthier work-life balance. As a busy working mom my patience and energy was running very low.

Her modules helped me visualize my schedule from deep work or shallow work and a year plan energy map to lay out all that is coming up in the different areas in my life.

By doing the work I was able to dig deep and really grasp where my stressors were coming from and develop strategies for better boundaries moving forward.

Thanks to Cynthia Chan I am becoming the best version of myself and for my family in this phase in my life.”

– Ashley LeTourneau
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