Testimonials from Creative Professionals

tonjha Richardson (actor)

“I really love Cynthia’s approach which is warm, extremely informative, supportive and witty! I am no longer afraid or mystified about my finances! This has been a long time coming. I highly recommend Cynthia’s workshop! Financial freedom.”

Andrew fleming (actor, photographer)

“As an actor, gig worker and self-employed person with multiple streams of income I have always struggled to stay organized financially.

After working with Cynthia on her ‘Actors Finances’ coaching program, she helped me implement a new system to organize my money responsibly in order to meet my current and future needs.

She provided real, actionable steps to realize my goals and with the follow up coaching sessions she held me accountable over time. I felt challenged and ultimately, empowered with the confidence to take my business to the next level.

erika nonato (actor)

“Cynthia was amazing – she answered questions I didn’t know I had and opened up a new possibility for me for managing finances and had me thinking about my values in accordance with my money. Anything financial related scared me but she gave us all some tools that made managing finances more digestible.”


“Cynthia gives practical, actionable steps to understand how to manage fluctuating income. I feel much more equipped to plan for all the variables. Also, her methods are really efficient too, not a ton of busy work, just simple steps to do on an on-going basis. I found it user-friendly and easy to understand. “

Britt MacLennan (actor/filmmaker)

“Working with Cynthia over the last 8 months has been one of the best things I have ever done. I was able to navigate my life which felt completely out of my control due to changing COVID-19 restrictions.

Every time you meet with Cynthia she works with where you are in that moment. There is no shame in not accomplishing the goals you had set the week or two before – it is simply “what’s working for you right now and what’s not?”

With her help I was able to develop healthy, consistent habits that always felt like a far-off dream in my days of starting and stopping almost anything that was good for me. I was able to figure out what wasn’t serving me and add tactics to my life that helped me manage those energy-sucking habits.

Once I was able to build a much healthier foundation in my life, Cynthia then helped me shift my focus to what I really wanted to be doing. Cynthia is a master at gauging where you’re at and what you need from her – and she knew exactly when to give me a push.

Thanks to Cynthia’s guidance, I just finished writing, producing, directing and acting in my first short film. The idea of doing that was incredibly overwhelming to me before I began working with Cynthia. I am incredibly grateful for her coaching and I would 100% recommend her to everyone.”

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