Harnessing Spring Energy


Working with patients in my chiropractic practice I have noticed several seasonal trends with injuries, and patient behaviours. Notably in spring people come out of hibernation and are energized to be more active in their lives. In my practice that results in new ailments related to spring activities including strain from gardening, golf, gardening, and baseball etc. 

If we can harness this fresh wave of spring energy, it can be a real boost to our creativity and productivity from a coaching perspective. 

If you are feeling more inspired this time of year I encourage you to channel that energy towards your goals – we have to use it when we can!

In the last few days I’ve been inspired to begin creating a program specifically designed to address Work/Life Balance. Sharing it here with you will keep me accountable (!) and I’ve definitely felt more oomph in my step compared to the darker days of winter.

[originally published March 2021]

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