Signs of Burnout

While designing my upcoming Work/Life Balance course, I have been interviewing friends and colleagues about their approaches to Rest/Recovery/Self-Care/Vacation.

I’m learning more and more that avoiding burnout is not dissimilar to avoiding having a full blown low back spasm: your body will give you signs and symptoms along the way before having a full crash. 

The key is to recognize your own signs before it becomes an emergency.

These signs are different for everyone: for me it results in adrenal fatigue if I’m too stressed over a long period of time. I get very tired and am not motivated to move. I also risk getting bitter and resentful if I’m not mindful of my recovery needs. 

For others it could be changes to their outlook, i.e. becoming more and more pessimistic, or having trouble regulating their emotions. Or it can manifest as headaches, skin disorders or depression.

What are the small signs your body gives you that you are in need of more rest/recovery/self-care/vacation? 

Have you experienced burnout before?
Do you know what your mind and body needs to avoid experiencing it again?

[originally published April 2021]

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