What do I need?

This month I wanted to share an experience I had just this morning.

Since Covid lockdown started, I’ve been practising yoga on Friday mornings but when I woke up this morning I didn’t feel like doing my usual 90 min vigorous Ashtanga practice.

I went back and forth in my brain with “well this is my new pandemic schedule – I should stick to it – but it may tire me out before my 4 hour coaching course today at 10am -but it’s what I agreed to – but I don’t feel like it”.

Then I remembered all the recommendations I had made this week to coaching clients and patients about listening to their bodies and remembering to ask themselves in the moment what they truly needed.

I decided to take my own advice. 

What I my body/mind/spirit really needed today after a gruelling week was to simply get outside, do a short walk for 30 min, soak up the beautiful sunny rays on this perfect June morning and put my music on shuffle. 

I think during these stressful times it’s particularly important to honour your needs moment-to-moment and to remember to be compassionate towards yourself.

[originally published June 2020]

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