Coaching + Mindfulness workshop: Energy Mapping


Do you overcommit and then get overwhelmed with your schedule? Or do you have trouble figuring out the best time to start new projects?

This 2.5 hour Coaching + Mindfulness workshop will give you specific tools to plan your schedule to avoid energy depletion and to work more efficiently. Learning how to work with a visual Energy Map will help you navigate unexpected life stressors as well as help with decision making.

Early-bird Registration (Monday Feb. 24): $80
Regular Rate: $100

Monday March 2 from 6:30-9:00pm at The Dirt Underneath Actors’ Space

How to register:
(1) Fill in online google form here
(2) Send in registration fee by e-transfer to


“Practicing Energy Mapping immediately made me consciously value my time in a way that I could not wrap my head around previously. As opposed to running myself ragged and coping with all the emotions that came along with that, such as guilt for not being super human, I all of a sudden could realistically and respectfully schedule ‘nap’ with complete justification. Visualization is huge and by thinking of my energy as a currency that can be charted and graphed and thus spent wisely has made for a better day-to-day.” – Shaun McComb