Schedule Management

Many of my coaching clients seek help with schedule management and improving work flow/productivity. For this month’s newsletter I’ve decided to include my upcoming week’s schedule. 

Like many others, my life is a tricky balance between work responsibilities (clinic, coaching business, admin for family acting school business), family and maintaining my own physical/mental health. 

My biggest challenges are meal planning (an ever-changing balance between home-cooked meals/quick processed food/take-out) and carving out white space (time to THINK….something I realized during the pandemic that I need a lot of). 

Here’s the upcoming week:

Sunday October 17 

  • drive 2 hours from the cottage straight to son’s flag football game
  • order sushi 
  • Netflix with family

Monday October 18

  • walk 3km (each way) to and from clinic to get in one hour of exercise
  • treat chiro patients during a 5 hour shift
  • begin an online chiropractic technique course for continuing education purposes
  • practice system tools with coaching colleagues 
  • drive son to basketball practice

Tuesday October 19

  • drive son to school
  • 30 minutes on Stationary Bike
  • bike/walk to clinic
  • treat chiro patients during a 4 hour shift 
  • evening: conduct a Zoom interview for a potential new clinic team member

Wednesday October 20

  • walk to/from clinic
  • treat chiro patients during a 5 hour shift
  • get osteopathic treatment to prevent jaw pain and headaches
  • coaching client for a one-hour session

Thursday October 21

  • bike to clinic
  • treat chiro patients during a 5 hour shift
  • renew son’s passport
  • evening: attend the theatre to watch a play

Friday October 22

  • morning: work on coaching business’s social media 
  • free afternoon 
  • meet son after school for a fun treat (weekly tradition) 

Saturday October 23

  • all day volunteer shift with Shelter Movers – leading a move to help a person suffering from gender-based violence transition to a shelter or resettlement home

Sunday October 24

  • 75 minute yoga practice
  • drive son to basketball practice/flag football games

[originally published October 2021]

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