Managing Post-Lockdown Re-Entry Stress

End of school, beginning of summer holidays, Covid restrictions lifting in different cities…how is everyone handling all this change?

I thought I was fine until I found myself wide awake at 2:30am on the eve of my son’s first baseball game, and realized that I was feeling overwhelmed by all the changes.

So for three hours in the middle of the night I contemplated the following:

  • jumping back into life as parent of a kid in competitive sports (attending games, driving to games)
  • committing to social engagements
  • transitioning from being at home 24/7 

These are the solutions I came up with:

  • accept that although restrictions were opening up, I could be intentional and careful about how many social gatherings to commit to
  • accept that I only have a few more weeks before I depart to hike the West Coast Trail and that my training needs to take priority 
  • accept that the transition to being a sports parent may feel harried at first but that we will get back into a groove after a few outings
  • limit the number of coaching clients I could see in July and start booking into August

Once I came up with this list I felt better and eventually got back to sleep! Other patients and clients have been describing similar re-entry stress so this is likely a familiar feeling as we try to navigate the new ‘normal’. 

On a side note, the training for my hike is going well – in the picture above I’m carrying a large MEC pack that I’ve had for 18 years (still in good shape!). I’m up to carrying 30 lbs for 4 hours during my weekly training walks. 

[originally published July 2021]

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