Crossing Edges Towards Change

This diagram shows how we have to cross edges when we attempt to change our behaviour or our life – the ‘Edge’ is the necessary step towards reaching the end goal.

The ‘Primary’ is our original state and the ‘Secondary’ is where we want to be.

Change can be scary and so we sometimes get stuck on the Edge – we tiptoe over and then scamper back to our Primary.

We may teeter on the Edge for a long time and need support to be pulled towards the Secondary. 

How does coaching fit in?

A coach can help you clearly define your Secondary and provide the support needed to cross your Edges.

Examples of Edges that I’m helping my current clients with:

  • starting a new business
  • creating quiet time for deep brain work
  • implementing new business systems 
  • communicating with their personal + professional partners about important issues

My example of Edge crossing:
Around 10 years ago my clinic partner and I hired a team of chiropractic consultants to improve our clinic’s business systems.

It scared me shitless: I was afraid of judgment, that they would come in and say we were doing everything wrong, and that I would be forced to change everything. 

Our Secondary was to create more streamlined systems and a more patient-friendly environment but there was a huge Edge for me to cross. 

Two things helped me take the leap:

  1. support from my clinic partner (knowing that we were in it together) 
  2. advice from another colleague who had hired the same consultants: “You only need to change one thing a month”

Do you have an Edge to cross? What is your desired Secondary? 
Please contact me here if you would like explore coaching to cross your Edge. 

[originally published February 2022]

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