Life Coaching Testimonials:

“I find it really helpful to articulate my plans as a whole, and Cynthia has provided some great feedback and thinking points that have helped me to further develop my plans and goals.”
Andrea Maxie (Life Coaching Client)

“Cynthia has helped me so much in my business and on daily issues I have experienced in my life. She is very solution based and is quick to find another solution if the initial isn’t suitable. I find her very resourceful on so many levels and I’m grateful to work with her everyday!”
Amrit Singh R.Ac (Registered Acupuncturist, @acuwithamrit)

“Cynthia is a natural coach and leader. She listens deeply, is intuitive and wise. She can identify what lies beneath the surface that is holding you back and preventing you from moving forward. She supports and encourages you to take actions that build on you strengths and helps give the clarity that is needed to unlock your greatest potential.”
Helen Ries (Business Consultant, Disability Advocate)

“Through coaching with Cynthia, I quickly recognized some themes occurring through recent job selections that I need to adjust going forward. I enjoyed leaving the sessions with better clarity around defining what the next job needs to look like. Cynthia is a good listener. and it’s been interesting to explore common themes on how I have approached work and relationships, and identified areas of change that would result in better success.”
Ruth Clark (Life Coaching Client)

Cynthia is great.  She listens intently and then asks challenging questions / poses reflection that generates good thinking / conversation.”
Maureen Kotopski (Life Coaching Client)
“I loved working with Cynthia – I felt she understood quite quickly where I needed guidance.  Now that my road to better health is back on track, I look forward to having more sessions as I get closer to making big changes!”
Linda Steele (Life Coaching Client)


Chiro + Business Practice Testimonials:

“As a new graduate, I have had the privilege of Dr. Chan’s mentorship for a over a year. Her clinical knowledge, business savvy skills, years of experience in both associateship and ownership sets her apart from other mentors I have had in the past. Especially as a new grad, I found difficulty in carving a path in my new career — I was your #1 ambitious scatter brain! However, with Dr. Chan’s sessions, she was able to help me organize my thoughts, focus on my priorities and take me to my goals step by step. Even with hiccups along the way, she was always there to answer my questions, settle my anxious mind, and find attainable solutions to every problem. She is not only the best mentor, but she has become a very close friend!”
Dr. Tiffany Lai, D.C. (1997 CMCC graduate)

I think the life coaching with Cynthia was most valuable to discover a new way of thinking that I haven’t thought of and coming up with a game plan to move forward with some accountability.”
Dr. Marc Jakobs, D.C. (Coaching Client, Chiropractor)

“I enjoyed Cynthia’s ability to focus on a topic and to be able to identify different topics that arise and categorize them. I appreciate the questions and the reflections. There is an enlightenment to seeing the same challenges differently when asked in question form or as a challenge.”
Dr. Elisa Santiago, ND  (Life Coaching Client, Naturopath)


“I met Dr. Chan in 2014 when starting my yoga studio. Dr. Chan provided business consulting and information on marketing, operations, and accounting that was invaluable! She made everything so accessible and clear. She is one of the most efficient and organized people I know. On a personal level, Dr. Chan has helped me clarify my purpose and passion in life and has been there to support me every step of the way. I am so grateful to have her in my life!”
Jessica Henry (Toronto Yoga teacher and Studio Manager)


Workshop + Retreat Testimonials:

“Cynthia and Lana’s workshop was a perfect mix of providing practical tools while reflecting and looking inward.  A beautiful combination for growth. Thank you!”
Victoria Bergin

“Cynthia & Lana’s workshop reminded me that valuing my time is valuing myself.”
Carol Laine